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"Proven Tax Strategies" For the Real Estate Professional

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Are You Overpaying Your Taxes?

Keep more of your hard-earned money!

Learn how to save $2,500 to $27,000 in new deductions!

Be sure to attend our free upcoming seminar...

"Proven Tax Strategies"
For the Real Estate Professional

Thursday, 2/12/2015
9:00 am- 11:00 am

(Please arrive at 8:45 am for registration. 
Seminar starts promptly at 9:00 am)

 Santa Maria Assoc of Realtors

2236 S. Broadway, Suite E
Santa Maria, CA 93454


Learn safe and effective techniques for lowering your taxes

and increase your spendable income immediately!


If you're looking for proven, legal ways to save thousands of dollars on taxes, year-in, year out, our upcoming seminar event is for you!

What if you're thinking, "But I already have an accountant. Why do I need the seminar?" Many of us assume our accountants take care of our taxes...but forget that WE are the ones giving them the numbers and records they're using to prepare our tax return!

Take a look at the kind of information you'll learn:

  • Why understanding your tax options now is more essential than ever in the rising real estate market and how it can dramatically increase your take home income! (It's worth attending our seminar for that information alone!)
  • Learn when the 105 Medical Plan escapes the Affordable Care Actand how you can turn your family's medical expenses into tax-favored business expenses.
  • Learn about the important steps you will need to take after January 1st to take advantage of the Healthcare Reform (ACA) deduction! 
  • How the new law affects purchase of cars, computers, and equipment for your business!
  • Proven low-stress, time saving techniques and strategies for avoiding an IRS audit!  (Our strategies can save you a whole lot of pain and heartache!)
  • Why Real Estate Professionals may safely qualify for a home office deduction!
  • How to transform personal commuting to deductible business mileage! 
  • How to use a little-known rule that can double your entertainment deductions!
  • How to help your accountant work a lot more effectively on your behalf!
  • How keeping records the right way can open a whole new world of tax deductions
  • How to hire your spouse without triggering payroll taxes!
  • The one vehicle-ownership mistake that can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands in dollars!
  • The truth about appointment books and auto logs!
  • One simple tactic that makes your deductions stand up and shout, "I am deductible!"
  • How to deduct entertainment costs when you're paying only for yourself
  • When the use of an office in your home actually reduces your chances of an IRS  audit!

And that's just for starters!...

This seminar is presented by Maine Shafer of Bradford and Company Inc., and excerpted from the Bradford and Company, Inc.Tax Solutions Program optionally available to seminar attendees after the program.

What past attendees have said about "Proven Tax Strategies"...

"Your instructor did a great job providing very useful information to our REALTOR® Association. Your instructor is knowledgeable, easy to understand and full of great money saving opportunities!”

Trish Barnett, Broker/Owner/REALTOR® & Education Chair, RE/MAX Shoals & Shoals Area Association of REALTORS, Florence, AL

“Your seminar leader is a dynamic speaker, remembers names, has great stories, definitely knows about the tax laws, and is funny too. Your speaker kept our attention for the two hours and we could have listened for another two hours.”

Sharon West, Sr. V.P., Plaza Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Wichita, KS

"Your speaker was AMAZING!!!!! I was in awe of the amount of great information your speaker was able to provide. But more than that, your seminar leader is a fantastic presenter!! I look forward to having your program back again next year and I am sure that our attendance will at least double if not more! The word got out yesterday that it was a great way for agents to invest in the future. Thanks again for giving the Jacksonville Board of Realtors such a fabulous opportunity to help take our businesses to the next level!!”

Sheila Cuadros, Real Estate Professional, Keller Williams Realty, Jacksonville, NC

"Very well spoken and took the time to make the presentation interactive. I'm very appreciative that your speaker took the time to speak with our group, by far a great presentation and a speaker with valuable information.”

George Olivo, President, WCR Brownsville, Texas Chapter

"Not one single person left the presentation early. Several attendees stopped to tell me how much they appreciated the seminarand how much information they gathered. There was a waiting line of about 20 people to see your speaker after the presentation!”

Nicci Lundquist, Education Manager, Memphis Area Association of REALTORS, Memphis, TN

"Your speaker is a wonderful presenter and shared lots of great info. Everyone that I spoke with said it was well worth their time. We’ll certainly have your program back again the next time you plan a trip this way!”  

Janet G. Gresham, Association Executive, Beaufort County Association of REALTORS®, Beaufort, SC

Don't Miss...

"Proven Tax Strategies"
For the Real Estate Professional

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Please seriously consider making a voluntary contribution of $49 or $148 so that CAR is able to continue their legislative success on behalf of YOU the agent in the field, which means money in your pocket!


Last year, CAR saved every REALTOR® $6,499 thru the following successful legislative battles...


$2294/agent, $4212/firm - saved by preserving Dual Agency

$2,487 - saved from point-of-sale retrofits

$1,602 - saved from reducing exposure to lawsuits

$116 - saved thru California Housing Finance Agency's impact on housing market

$6,499/agent, $8,417/firm - total REALTOR® savings


When you go to the NAR website to pay your annual dues, or you stop by the Association office to pay your dues, please consider a voluntary donation!  A little from each of you, goes a long way for the industry and your profession!!  Thank you!



PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS MANDATED CHANGES to processes for complaints & hearings - The following NOTICE has been provided by CAR as it relates to this topic....
The California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual, which is incorporated into your Association Bylaws and is therefore binding on you, has been extensively revised for 2015. This notice describes the key changes that have been made to the Manual.

New Procedure for Obtaining Member Photos for Publication of Ethics Discipline

The current C.A.R. policy is to publish photos of members who are disciplined for ethics violations with a fine, reprimand, probation, suspension, or expulsion. The process for obtaining this photo has been changed as follows:


·         After being found in violation of a publishable offense, a disciplined member will provide a photo to C.A.R. and the local Association within 10 calendar days after final adoption of the discipline recommendation by the local Association's Board of Directors.

·         The member will provide a photo that is current, accurate and at least the size and quality of a passport photo along with a restatement of the authorization to use the photo in the new Form D-24.

·         Members may simply take a digital photo, as long as it is of sufficient quality and size, and email it to the association along with Form D-24.

·         Failure to provide the authorization with a photo in a timely manner will result in suspension of membership until the authorization form and photo are provided.

·         The disciplined member must own or have right to use the submitted photo, and must provide a license to use the photo consistent with the Manual's publication requirements.

·         C.A.R. will publish a discipline summary without a photo if the photo has not been received in time and will include a note with the summary that the member was suspended for refusal to provide a photo.


The 2015 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual has been revised to incorporate this procedure, and the disciplinary forms have also been revised.  Starting January 1, 2015, the new disciplinary forms will be used for all ethics cases, including for cases that were initiated prior to that date. 

Timeframes in the Manual Expedited as Required by NAR

This is a partial list of timeframe changes made to the Manual based on NAR's mandates. The deadlines for many steps in the ethics discipline process have been shortened or added where the Manual provided no specific deadlines.

·         Time for the Grievance Committee to review a complaint: no later than 45 days after receipt of complaint.

·         Hearing date selected no later than 20 days after the Grievance Committee forwards the complaint for a hearing.

·         Response provided to complainant within 15 days of the Association's receipt.

·         The written hearing panel decision is provided to the Association no later than 48 hours after the hearing.

·         The hearing panel decision is transmitted to the parties within 5 days.

·         The request for review is heard no later than 30 days after receipt of the request for review by the Association.

·         The review Panel decides within 5 days after the review hearing.

·         Absent a request for review, final action by the Board of Directors must take place no later than 30 days after the date the hearing Panel's decision is transmitted to the parties.



Additionally, a local association may choose to adopt a "fast track" process for receipt, consideration and resolution of ethics complaints. The differences between the regular disciplinary process and the "fast track" process are described in a document included in a supplement to the Manual. If an association chooses to adopt the "fast track" process, it must be used for all disciplinary complaints received by the association.

Continuances: Parties Must Agree to a New Date to get a Continuance

Both the Discipline and Arbitration portions of the Manual now require that requests for continuances shall only be granted when all parties mutually agree to a subsequent specified date, or when the hearing panel chair determines that denying the request for a continuance would deny the requesting party a fair hearing.


Rehearings Eliminated

Rehearings have been completely eliminated from the disciplinary process. Only requests for review are now available to a party who wishes to challenge the decision of the hearing panel.


Remote Testimony and Appearances

Language has been added clarifying that parties and their witnesses may request permission to participate in proceedings remotely (i.e., via teleconference or videoconference). Only parties eligible to attend the entire hearing in person are entitled to participate "remotely" for the entirety of the hearing. Witnesses may only participate remotely for their own testimony.


Other Changes

All changes to the Manual (including all of the changes discussed above) are marked in red underlined font in the Manual.


The complete 2015 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual can be downloaded from the C.A.R. website at:













Are you struggling to find more listings? Instead of blindly marketing to all homeowners, learn how to target homes that are more likely to sell now. Let C.A.R. show you why using big data sources like ReboGateway is important for working your farms to increase your sales in today's market. Join C.A.R. on Wednesday, November 12th at 10 a.m. Register Today >

Please note: Only the first 1,000 attendees can enter the webinar. If you can't make it to this webinar, register anyway and we'll send you the recording.



Just 30 Minutes! That's all the time you need to get the latest tips and information about today's real estate technology and tools. Each month, C.A.R.'s Tech & Tools in 30 will give you a meaningful introduction to a wide variety of real estate tools in a quick and fun format.

Join Josh Sharfman, C.A.R.'s CTO, on Thursday, November 20 at 10 a.m. for "Security in the Digital World".

Josh will be exploring Identity Theft and best practices to protect your personal information and reputation in the Digital World. This webinar will also feature a discussion with LifeLock®'s Scott Bechler. Learn how to keep your personal and business reputation safe and secure. Visit to register for the webinar.



Stay tuned for the following notice you should be receiving on Nov 12th or soon thereafter from N.A.R. - During the NAR Conference and Expo in New Orleans, NAR will launch an all-member Call for Action on "The Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act." This bill would extend an expired provision that has helped millions of distressed American families by allowing tax relief for homeowners when lenders forgive some portion of the mortgage debt they owe.  The provision expired last Dec. 31st and it is imperative to get it extended before impacted homeowners have to file their 2014 income tax.  The Call for Action asks all REALTORS® to contact their Member of Congress and United States Senators and urge an immediate vote when the "Lame Duck" session begins following the election.    For REALTORS®  at the NAR Conference and Expo, they can send their Call for Action from NAR Booth Number 1019 on the Expo floor.  If a member completes the CFA in New Orleans they are done.  Members who aren't attending the NAR Conference and Expo will receive a CFA email beginning Wednesday, November 12, 2014.



RPR mobile™ was approved by Apple, and is now available for download in the App Store. Also as noted previously, the Android version is available for download from the Google Play Store. This gives REALTORS® a new level of access to the data found in RPR while out in the field. Now REALTORS® using RPR mobile™ can instantly view the properties around them, and get listing, sales, valuation, assessment, deed, foreclosure, school, photos, maps, market trend information and more.  Additionally, with the release of RPR version 1.34, the RPR product and development teams have just wrapped up development on a new feature that allows our RPR mobile™ users to draw a custom search area using the maps directly on your smartphone. Look for more information on this enhancement in the coming weeks.  Some of the desktop enhancements include - RPR released its 35th major release with version 1.34 on October 28, 2014. The enhancements to the RPR Platform include the new ability for REALTORS® to choose which version of a property record to use as a comp: Public Record, Sold Listing, or Historical Listing. Also now distance is displayed when using the radius search tool, HOA information has been included in the "Historical Compare" section of reports, and REALTORS® can also choose the number of current and historical property photos that are included on the reports




The National Association of Realtors MVP+ Program

There’s still time to take advantage of your October Offer!  Act before October 31 to earn your Social Media for Association’s - Download. 

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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is now available for review and download in the Forms Tab in the navigation bar.  Or you may direct download from the links below.

DMCA Notitication

DMCA Designation Form





 NEW ".REALTOR" DOMAIN - Reserve your new TLD domain of ".realtor" beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 23rd and NAR will cover the cost of the first year for the first 500,000 members nationwide who claim your .realtor domain.


It has taken quite a lot of effort by NAR to obtain approval for this new top level domain so don't miss this opportunity to claim yours & have NAR cover the 1st year cost!


On Oct 23rd at 8:00 a.m. you may go to  to claim yours! 


NOTE....Before you begin registering at 8:00 a.m., be sure you have your NRDS # and a credit card. 


Prior to Oct 23rd, go to to read all the info regarding obtaining your .REALTOR domain.




Karin Van Lith

Association Executive






I would like to personally thank all of our members for the patience you have shown as we build and improve our website.

I can finally tell you that I am very encouraged by what is taking place and that this website will be awesome! 

We have a great tech person who is working to make that happen!  Josh Passmore is helping us in utilizing the

bells and whistles so that they will make all of our lives simpler! The result will be a user friendly site that will be a

“one-stop” association website for our members.

To do this, Josh would also like to hear from you! As members, what are you looking for when you come to the website?

What would you like to be able to do, what information would you like to see?  If you have definite ideas or requests, Josh is asking for your input!

You can contact Josh at   


Josh is being very generous with his offer, so if you just have a complaint, please feel free to call me at the association, but if you have a real “want” contact Josh!




On the association level, we have  a great event coming up, so please mark your calendars!




The  "RPA Update with Gov Hutchinson" on November 20th from 9:00 am – 11:00 am at the Elks Lodge in Santa Maria

Cost is $10 for Realtor members and $25 for non-Realtors.



If anyone is having trouble sending in mails to the association, until further notice please send ALL e-mail to 


Thank You, and remember - The best is yet to come!

Karin Van Lith

 Association Executive