June – MLS Meeting

Guest Speaker - Santa Barbara Rental Property Association - Nicholas Gonzales Jr. Nicholas relocated back to Santa Barbara County in 1992 after attending UCLA, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  Later in 2003, Nicholas attended the USC Ross Minority Program in Real Estate.  The Ross Program provided the inspiration that motivated Nicholas to focus on the finance and […]

C.A.R. CEO John M. Sebree To Lead Panel On CA’s Housing Crisis


If homeownership is to be more accessible to the average Californian, then we must advance actionable, pragmatic, and innovative paths to dramatically increase housing supply. We need to rethink incentives for innovation to spur production and support emerging solutions. Our panel of experts explores new possibilities such as rezoning commercial land, converting commercial property to […]

New & Revised Forms


New & Revised Forms The week of June 21, C.A.R. will release new and revised forms – 40 in all. Attorneys Neil Kalin and Justin Murakawa will explain the most significant changes for real estate licensees and refer you to resources to cover the rest.  

Understanding ADUs: How to Assess and Visualize What is Possible on Any California Property


Understanding ADUs: How to Assess and Visualize What is Possible on Any California Property Learn how to instantly assess and visualize what’s possible on any California property. In the past 3 years, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become a rapidly growing industry across California, where State laws have permitted fast-track approvals of these housing types […]

Legal Live Webinar – New FHDS & DSDT Forms

Legal Live Webinar - New FHDS & DSDT Forms Preventing or slowing the spread of wildfires is a good thing. But, when the legislature required that buyers and sellers must reach an agreement on which will bring a property into compliance with applicable State or local defensible space laws, no one anticipated the complications the […]

C.A.R. Property Management Conference


C.A.R. Property Management Conference C.A.R. is hosting a half-day virtual conference to highlight the benefits of having a property management business. The conference is a chance to hear from leading names in property management on how they built their business, and receive key guidance and the necessary resources to support your own property management portfolio. Extend your […]

July MLS Meeting

Guest Speaker - Coastal Community Builders - Eileen Dickey Eileen brings over 20 years of experience in Finance including 15 years as Chief Financial Officer for CCB. She joined CCB […]