Today’s market presents an array of unique challenges REALTORS® must navigate in order to find success in the industry. According to C.A.R. Chief Economist Jordan Levine, we’re in the midst of a big market shift and only just beginning to come out the other side.

To support REALTORS® through this time, C.A.R. 2023 President Jennifer Branchini led a virtual townhall on Monday, July 31, 2023 with Jordan Levine and a panel of REALTORS® to assess the most recent changes to the market and discuss ways in which some REALTORS® are dealing with these continuously evolving conditions.

The conversation between Branchini and Levine highlighted the importance of looking at data, including the latest market updates on Smart Zone, rather than headlines that continue to convey a pessimistic outlook despite transaction numbers continually improving.

The discussion with the panel of REALTORS® focused on the importance of staying persistent in the face of adversity.

To read the full recap, view the slides and watch the recording, click the link below. [Read More]